Our Mission

We had a longer term goal of having a community center where we could gather and enrich our Turkish experience and cultural bonds.

Why Join Us

Our events aim to keep us - young and old - together and engaged, and keep alive the flame of Turkish Enlightenment reforms to which we all are so much indebted.

Our History

ATASC - ATAMLA was formed to better educate the American public, Turkish Americans and especially our next generation in our history, culture, the principles and ideals of Atatürk and the secular Turkish Republic, and to pass on the well deserved pride in our heritage.

Our Mission

Turkish culture is not well known in US or whatever is known has been published through somewhat biased sources. Only through this knowledge can all of us feel the pride on all that was accomplished and be able to expose our children to our culture and our culture to the public.

Our Founders

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Photos & Videos

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AtamLA | Ataturk

What you can learn in AtamLA

  • Learn about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk100
  • History of Modern Turkey100
  • Turkish Cuisine100
  • Turkish Music100
  • Hospitality of Turkish People100

" Peace at Home
Peace on Earth "

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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